Wednesday, 29 January 2014

KCW 2014: Day 3

I've finally finished this Geranium dress.

 This gorgeous pattern by Rae needs no introduction. I cut it out months ago for my skinny 5-year old (she's now 6). I only had a bit over half a metre of this cotton fabric that I found in the remnant bin at Spotlight. It totally suits her personality, exuberant and a bit over the top! Photos can be a bit tricky...

Given the small amount of fabric and the skinny child, I cut out the 3T top pattern and added length to the bottom. I just had to relax about the pattern placement, because there wasn't much fabric to play around with. I lined the bodice with an ancient, hot pink pillowcase; it is so soft and comfy. 

Time has passed since I cut it out and it is now slightly tight on my gorgeous big girl. It's actually undone at the back in these photos!

Luckily, it makes a fabulous dress for a somewhat chubby 18 month old sister. Look at those arms!
It's been said before, but this is a great pattern! Amazing instructions and attention to detail. Whatever this cotton remnant is, it works quite well, although it could drape a little better. I think I actually prefer the gathered skirt option to the pleats for smaller girls, so I might try that next time.
Two finished garments in the space of three days is a supreme effort for me (admittedly I had them cut out in advance).
I doubt that I'll be able to maintain the pace. How about you?

Tuesday, 28 January 2014


First post. First blog. First timer in Kids Clothes Week.

So here it is...a gathered skirt.

Um yes, I probably could have gone a bit more all out. Clearly I lack a sense of occasion. But my aim for this week is to actually complete a few of the works in progress that are stashed around my sewing room.

I love little girls in their cotton skirts in Summer, so easy and comfortable to wear. Unfortunately a scorching, windy day doesn't make for a cooperative model...

This is just a basic gathered skirt, with an elastic waist. I did add a separate waistband rather than folding the fabric over at the top to make a casing. I prefer waistbands, I think they look a bit more finished for not that much more effort more fiddling around than such a simple task should have needed!

I couldn't resist some red top-stitching; a touch of red with blue is a great tip from Laura at Behind the Hedgerow

 Air-conditioning and food improved Caitlin's attitude, but didn't do much for the photos.

Apparently the photo shoot is over...

How is KCW going for you? I hope you've managed to create something a bit more exciting than me!!