Tuesday, 28 January 2014


First post. First blog. First timer in Kids Clothes Week.

So here it is...a gathered skirt.

Um yes, I probably could have gone a bit more all out. Clearly I lack a sense of occasion. But my aim for this week is to actually complete a few of the works in progress that are stashed around my sewing room.

I love little girls in their cotton skirts in Summer, so easy and comfortable to wear. Unfortunately a scorching, windy day doesn't make for a cooperative model...

This is just a basic gathered skirt, with an elastic waist. I did add a separate waistband rather than folding the fabric over at the top to make a casing. I prefer waistbands, I think they look a bit more finished for not that much more effort more fiddling around than such a simple task should have needed!

I couldn't resist some red top-stitching; a touch of red with blue is a great tip from Laura at Behind the Hedgerow

 Air-conditioning and food improved Caitlin's attitude, but didn't do much for the photos.

Apparently the photo shoot is over...

How is KCW going for you? I hope you've managed to create something a bit more exciting than me!!

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