Wednesday, 29 January 2014

KCW 2014: Day 3

I've finally finished this Geranium dress.

 This gorgeous pattern by Rae needs no introduction. I cut it out months ago for my skinny 5-year old (she's now 6). I only had a bit over half a metre of this cotton fabric that I found in the remnant bin at Spotlight. It totally suits her personality, exuberant and a bit over the top! Photos can be a bit tricky...

Given the small amount of fabric and the skinny child, I cut out the 3T top pattern and added length to the bottom. I just had to relax about the pattern placement, because there wasn't much fabric to play around with. I lined the bodice with an ancient, hot pink pillowcase; it is so soft and comfy. 

Time has passed since I cut it out and it is now slightly tight on my gorgeous big girl. It's actually undone at the back in these photos!

Luckily, it makes a fabulous dress for a somewhat chubby 18 month old sister. Look at those arms!
It's been said before, but this is a great pattern! Amazing instructions and attention to detail. Whatever this cotton remnant is, it works quite well, although it could drape a little better. I think I actually prefer the gathered skirt option to the pleats for smaller girls, so I might try that next time.
Two finished garments in the space of three days is a supreme effort for me (admittedly I had them cut out in advance).
I doubt that I'll be able to maintain the pace. How about you?

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