Sunday, 2 February 2014

KCW Day 8

OK, I realise that strictly speaking Kids Clothes Week does not have a Day 8. But I missed a day and given the time zone difference, I thought I might just be able to sneak an extra day in.

This is the Oliver + S Reversible Bucket Hat. Unsurprisingly, it is a great pattern!

The striped fabric is a cotton drill I had left over from making some tote bags and the reverse side is a plain cotton. I did interface both sides of the brim and I think it would have been a bit floppy without the extra interfacing.

I used Jessica's amazing tutorial to avoid any hand sewing! I you haven't tried it this way, I would highly recommend it. It really simplifies things.

The stripe direction on the brim caused me something of a dilemma... In hindsight it's a bit odd, but at the time I was so thrilled with the way they matched at the seam that I couldn't resist it!!

I hope that you've had a great KCW. I've been so impressed by everyone's creativity and productivity!!

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