Sunday, 2 March 2014

The Perfect Newborn Gift

I've discovered it; the perfect newborn gift! I love knitting for babies, but with the speed that I knit it's just not practical...until now.


Vests are fabulous for babies. They are great for giving that bit of extra warmth without the need for poking tiny, resisting arms through tricky sleeves. The buttons down the side of this vest make it even easier to access the baby.

The Pebble Vest is a free pattern that knits up super quickly. There is only one piece, which means no seaming, yay! This is really helpful for someone with the awful habit of knitting a garment then letting the individual pieces sit around for months before sewing them together. There are a considerable amount of buttons to be sewn on, but it's really not that onerous.

I would definitely recommend making this vest a bit larger. The reviews on Ravelry universally agree that it is a small pattern. I knit it on the next size needles and came out the perfect size for a newborn but I wouldn't have wanted it any smaller! The Kitchener stitch was actually quite a straightforward process, but the end result was perhaps not what the designer had in mind.

It only took me about 3 nights to knit (and I am slow). I was so excited when I heard that my gorgeous friend had her little girl that I swiss darned a little heart in the corner.

Go on, knit one - you'll love it!

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