Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Birthday Sailboat Top

Well Kids' Clothes Week is over and despite my good intentions I have only one achievement for the week. At least I completed it in time for the birthday boy's big day! He loves it and I have had to wrestle it from him to be washed. Here it is, an oliver + s sailboat top.

I love this pattern; it is typical oliver + s. The instructions are clear, the style is gorgeous and I'm totally happy with the finished result. I really like the closure at the shoulders and the curved hemline.
The fabric is a knit from spotlight and I made it in a size 4. I thought that the knit would be stable enough for this pattern, but it was a little stretchy and lightweight. It's not a massive problem, but it has gaped a little around the neckline and buttonholes. I couldn't resist these wooden buttons, but the weight hasn't helped matters. If I was using a knit for this pattern again I would apply extra interfacing at the shoulders.
I didn't want to interrupt the pattern so finished the hems and facing by hand to avoid topstitching. I can't wait to make one in a solid colour or a different pattern because I think the extra detail of the topstitching looks fabulous. 

I hope that you were more prolific during KCW than I was! Oh well, there's always the next one...

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